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-{maketoc}bitweaver is attempting to complete our ((CVS Migration)) to the [http://git-scm.com/|git] version control system. We have broken our CVS virtual modules in 150+ individual git repositories.
+{maketoc}bitweaver completed our ((CVS Migration)) to the [http://git-scm.com/|git] version control system. We have broken our CVS virtual modules in 150+ individual git repositories, all of which are hosted on [http://github.com/bitweaver|GitHub].
 !Gitting Started

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 Let us know on ((IRC)) so we can add you as a collaborator. (BW Admins, there is a script to make this process simpler //WILL - PLEASE PUT SCRIPT SOMEPLACE ON MODELA//
 !!3. Clone and Go
+Since bitweaver is completely modular, the bitweaver.git clone master repository is simply a collection of submodules for each of the packages.
 For standard read-only access, use:
-{code source=bash}git clone git://github.com:bitweaver/bitweaver.git{/code}
+{code source=bash}git clone git://github.com/bitweaver/bitweaver.git -b READONLY{/code}
 If you are a developer and need commit access, use:
-{code source=bash}git clone git@github.com:bitweaver/bitweaver.git -b DEV{/code}
+{code source=bash}git clone git@github.com:bitweaver/bitweaver.git{/code}
 This will create a 'bitweaver' directory where you are. Follow up with...
 {code source=bash}
 cd bitweaver
-git submodule init
-git submodule update
+git submodule update --init
+git submodule foreach --recursive git submodule update --init
+git submodule foreach --recursive git checkout master
 That will pull down all of the sub repositories for the directory structure the first clone created.
 //style and icon sections need to be redirected to the correct subfolders//
+!! Create your own bitweaver distro
+If you have a custom set of modules, you can create your own master project. Here are the instructions:
+{code source=bash}mkdir newproject
+cd newproject
+git init
+# add the core set of packages for a minimal bitweaver install
+for PACKAGE in kernel languages liberty storage themes users util wiki install; do git submodule add git@github.com:bitweaver/$PACKAGE.git; done
+# initialize all nested submodules (mostly in util)
+git submodule foreach --recursive git submodule update --init
+# Create a root level index.php , copy from https://github.com/bitweaver/bitweaver/blob/master/index.php
+wget https://raw.github.com/bitweaver/bitweaver/master/index.php
+# setup your own local config package, which typically is included in your master project git repo
+mkdir config config/kernel/ config/themes config/icons
+# Create a config bit_setup_inc.php , copy from https://github.com/bitweaver/config/blob/master/bit_setup_inc.php
+cd config
+wget https://raw.github.com/bitweaver/config/master/bit_setup_inc.php
+cd ..
+git add config index.php
+git commit -m "initialize super project" -a
+git submodule add http://github.com/bitweaver/adodb.git config/externals/adodb
+git submodule foreach --recursive git submodule update --init
+mkdir temp; chmod 777 temp
+# add some icons and themes
+git submodule add git@github.com:bitweaver/theme_bootstrap.git config/themes/bootstrap
+!Creating a new Repository
+Contact a bitweaver admin to [http://help.github.com/creating-a-repo/|create a new repo on github] for you.
 !Repository Locations

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 We are going to attempt to keep our code on github. There are is one major problem with Github currently - [http://support.github.com/discussions/post-receive-issues/106-cia-hook-has-no-project-options-fear|the lack of decent IRC notification].
+We have a backup plan if github does not work out. We have our own install running gitosis, which was set up by [/nickpalmer]
 Contact an admin via ((IRC)) about getting a public key added. If github continues to suck, we will revert to bitweaver.org which is running gitosis, and we can mirror push'es to github on an update hook.

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 !Import concepts in Git
-This is the _second major stumbling block_. Git submodules are similar to virtual modules in CVS. The achilles heal of git submodules is a "git submodule add ..." is tied to a particular commit for the submodule repository.
+This is the __second major stumbling block__. Git submodules are similar to virtual modules in CVS. The achilles heal of git submodules is a "git submodule add ..." is tied to a particular commit for the submodule repository.
 A lesser issue, submodules can only have directories in the current directory, so you have to nest. We cannot do the all-in-one "cvs co bitewaver" like we used to.
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