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__supergit__ acts on all directories in your project as if they were sub-respositories. For most commands, you simply type what you would normally for git, however you simply type supergit with desired parameters in the super-repository root of your project. For example:
*To clone, type 'supergit git@github.com:bitweaver/bitweaver.git -b DEV testbw' which will clone, then intiliaze + update submodules and checkout the master branch for each submodule
*To commit, in the super repo root, type 'supergit commit -a'
*To push, in the super repo root, type 'supergit push origin'

Program can be downloaded at [http://gist.github.com/463628]

To install, put [http://gist.github.com/raw/463628/97054f80aac2538e7ff417f40e1c34dba66ec758/supergit|download the source] to __/usr/local/bin/__ or similar.

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