Why not to release Bitweaver 1.8?
posted by Kozuch on 07 May 2007 (18:37 UTC)
I pretty much like release cycles. I mean fixed release cycles - for example like Ubuntu Linux has. I know that more or less every 6 months new stable release comes out that adds THE features that were coded in the meantime. I do not need tons of new features in every new version of software - I much rather go through constant evolution than experience a revolution once in ten years. What am I little mad about? The development cycle of Bitweaver.

Well, I want to say I really like the ideas behind the Bitweaver project. However, I think that a little bit more "management" would not be bad. For example development management. Can't we really make some reasonable release schedule? Why not to "freeze" once in a while and release the new features as stable? We will get more hits from SourceForce because people see there is development going on and we recieve more feedback and testing from the general public at the same time.

Another thing is some kind of quality assurance - is it OK that new features are being added here and not there, are the docs all right, does the development go the right direction etc. etc. I miss discussion about this. Maybe it is being talked on IRC, but that's not my main channel unfortunatelly. Let's talk in the forums so that anyone can see it and possibly new people can join the project and help out!

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