The Joys of Going Live
posted by Peter Moore on 14 Dec 2004 (00:17 UTC)
I have finally got my bitweaver install into production here at the National Australia Bank for my department.
I've had the usual issues around getting the server onto our network and named correctly, and apart from a DNS issue, we are live. Yay!
It's on a Dell Dual Xeon 3.4GHz (Nocona) running PostgreSQL on Red Hat EL3 and is pretty good.

I have to undertake a trial migration from Bonnie to ReleaseOne at some point in the near future, but i'm lucky that i have a few machnes on which i can test this.
I'll report back once i've done that.

Oh, and while i'm here, here to change the owner of a postgreSQL database:

UPDATE pg_database SET datdba = (SELECT usesysid FROM pg_shadow
WHERE usename = 'exampleuser') WHERE datname = 'exampledb';

easy ;-)

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