what is being done in tpl files?

by xing
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Posted to BWDesigner's Blog
current things that are being done, and are to be done in the near future include:
  • use tikicon instead of static img tags for icons throughout bitweaver. this will be done in ReleaseOne to avaoid firther usettling of bonnie before the imminent release.
    • this includes updating icon location, names and appearance where required.
      • icons are moved to respective packages, globally used icons such as edit or delete are stored in /kernel.
  • update pages with listing to use the new function.pagination.php. format of passing data into pagination will be as follows:
    • php file
      • $png_params = array( 'name1' => 'value1', 'name2 => 'value2' );
      • $smarty->assign( 'pgn_params',$pgn_params );
      • in addition the traditional offset values are passed on to smarty as well seperately or can be included in this array.
    • tpl file
      • {pagination pgn_params=$pgn_params}

see function_pagination for more details
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