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Posted:02 Nov 2007 (15:16 UTC)
Just came across this post as a new bitweaver user and thought of it as a good option to make my firs poi... I mean post (:evil:)

Another way to look at and tackle this is to encourage co-operation, so instead of 3 different users go ahead and develope their own mod, plugin, package or what ever, they can work together to optimize development of one package.

There there is always those who wants/needs their own little twist of things, that's just a fact of life.
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Re: Endless featuring

Posted:03 Nov 2007 (23:33 UTC)
Spiderr said mature packages should go to "bitweaver", I say they should be mature and of general functions. Mature packages with specific functions and other stuff should be optionally available.

I am happy to see bitweaver go this way as some R1 packages were left out for R2 bitweaver and made so said "optional". I think this is the way it should go.
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Re: Endless featuring

Posted:13 Aug 2011 (14:43 UTC)
I guess some people like to cut their teeth on developing s specific little package, but then might go on to contribute to the core system.
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