Version 2.0.2 shows 2.0.1 alpha


Version 2.0.2 shows 2.0.1 alpha

Posted:29 Jul 2008 (19:49 UTC)
Helge Karl Nyhamn Hajnal

Re: Version 2.0.2 shows 2.0.1 alpha

Posted:31 Jul 2008 (00:39 UTC)

I also get this message and thought I had installed an old copy, but after going through the upgrade steps with moving in the new files it still shows this message. I guess they just forgotten to update the version string?

By the way, I get this odd error message with any wiki page:

''You are running bitweaver in TEST mode
Click here to log a bug, if this appears to be an error with the application.
Go here to begin the installation process, if you haven't done so already.
To hide this message, please set the IS_LIVE constant to TRUE in your kernel/config_inc.php file.
- 2.0.1 alpha - Thu Jul 31 03:29:15 2008 "

… snip …

"#### ERROR CODE: Errno: -1 Message: ERROR: function upper(integer) does not exist
LINE 2: WHERE UPPER( uu."user_id" ) = $1"

Not sure why this is happening, but as far as I can see it parses until "created by", before all the error scramble appears

There are also two other packages that gives an error message, stats and events. Their error message is identical and is displayed at the top/beginning of the web page render. The message is as following:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /Users/helge/Sites/bitweaver/events/BitEvents.php:2) in /Users/helge/Sites/bitweaver/kernel/BitSystem.php on line 418

Never the less, the cms seams very stable and responsive and suits my needs well.

Long time no seen :-)

Bobby Richardson

Re: Version 2.0.2 shows 2.0.1 alpha

Posted:03 Aug 2008 (14:46 UTC)
Yeah, Nikolay, I think that's just a version string incongruency. File dates are consistent with v2.0.2 - When I switched to CVS code the 'problem' went away.

Karl, sometimes purging your system cache will get rid of the 'header already sent' issue.
Helge Karl Nyhamn Hajnal

Re: Version 2.0.2 shows 2.0.1 alpha

Posted:04 Aug 2008 (18:10 UTC)
Hello Bobby,

your suggestion did not change the odd behaviour.

The wiki page was installed with the option to populate pages. I do not know if there might be an bug in the installer or where the problem origins. I asume though that there must be a misstake in an wikipage display template since editing page, listing pages and all other functions work as supposed to.

By the way the prepopulated pages are only listed from "all available content" which gives content listing. When clicking those the message

Seems there has been a problem.

Page cannot be found
appears. Installation went on normally without hickups.

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