Fatal error since php upgrade

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Fatal error since php upgrade

Posted:07 Jan 2009 (09:48 UTC)

I have a very serious problem with my bitweaver site since the PHP upgrade of my web hosting.
Now with PHP 5.2.8 I have the following message on every page:

Fatal error: Non-static method LibertyAttachable::LibertyAttachable() cannot be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in ...BitSticky.php on line 34

I was running 1.3.1 and I upgraded in emergency to R2 but I have exactly the same issue (I clone copy on my PC running php 5.2.6 is working well).
Do you have an idea?

Re: Fatal error since php upgrade

Posted:10 Jan 2009 (14:11 UTC)
I am having the exact same problem. My host must have upgraded php over the holidays as the wiki part of bitweaver suddenly stopped working. The files (fisheye?) section and such (admin section) still seem to function normally.

I tried changing the offending statement to new LibertyAttachable(); but that just creates another trail of errors for me to follow and didn't resolve the problem.

Is there any way to set php to emulate files in a certain directory (ie: htaccess or php.ini overrides) as an older version of php? That seems to be the real problem here - the change in php syntax.
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Re: Fatal error since php upgrade

Posted:15 Jan 2009 (15:39 UTC)
can you try replacing:




on that line of BitSticky.php?