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web pages

Posted:02 Feb 2010 (07:43 UTC)

I plan to use bitweaver as portal for everything, including boards, blogs and wiki with different user level access. Web page should be accessible to everyone, then part of the wiki should be also accessible to everyone but rest of the wiki should be available to only specific user level.

Even though most of the stuff is clear, I'm not sure how to go about making a web page. What should be the web page? Some special wiki pages or something else?


Edit: To clarify this a bit, I would like to have the web page part to look like "common" web page and not like wiki or a blog.
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Re: web pages

Posted:11 Feb 2010 (14:41 UTC)
How can I have different wiki pages accessible by different groups of people (anonymous, registered, editors)?

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Re: web pages

Posted:11 Feb 2010 (19:54 UTC)
There are different approaches to this. You can use different packages like Protector, Gatekeeper, or Pigeonholes.

Just recently I build something you described with Pigeonholes, that is the Categories Package in Bitweaver's default install:

1. Create the groups you want to give/restrict rights. If Anon/Registered/Editors is all you need, you're already done with this step.

2. Go to "Categories" and create a category, in my case I chose the names of the group I wanted to show exclusive content to, which was editors. It's probably smart to have even better names for the categories.

3. Go to Admin > Categories > Settings and activate "Group gating".

4. Go to Categories > Assign Content. There is a matrix of all Content you have versus all groups you have. In the beginning, this might not make too much sense, but with severall pages/photos/comments and so on it will prove powerful. In this matrix you assign your content to your groups.

5. I then used Nexus (menus) and the internal Layout options to assign a menu to one of the columns that only editors can see, with some important links, like an entry page to the wiki cluster they are supposed to edit. (This step is independent from Pigeonholes).

One disadvantage of Group Gating in the packages Pigeonholes (Categories) is that restricted content will appear in listings, like "new wiki edits" or "last comments". The user is not able to read it before logging in though.