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Feature Inquiry

Posted:29 Mar 2011 (03:21 UTC)

we are a very basic site, and we're looking to upgrade to a more feature-rich platform. we want to add more advanced features to our profile-centric site, such as the features in this software. we want to start with a site that looks and acts like what we've got, and grow from there, adding features one-at-a-time.

can this software easily and painless implement the following simple features?

-a public homepage displaying a grid of the main image from each member,
-one or two additional public pages,
-simple public profile pages for each member, with text and image fields,
-a simple image browser on each profile,
-and a private members-only homepage.
-we need to emulate the look of this site:

is this software capable of doing that, easily and painlessly?

again, this simple setup is just our starting point-- we want to add some of the powerful features after achieving our basic setup described above.

here's a more fleshed-out list of what we need. feel free to add your note to this side-by-side comparison:

thanks for your expertise!
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Re: Feature Inquiry

Posted:08 Apr 2011 (01:07 UTC)
Hello johnywhy,

Please take a look at the Bitweaver Gallery features (see "photos" in the main menu above). On top of personal pages, users can have their own galleries or blogs.

Making Bitweaver look exactly like your page is doable, but with the added functionality, you will end up with more links to more content. The simplicity of a simple CMS is nevertheless achievable. You definitely need some basic PHP and templating skills.

Personally, after some research and testing, I decided that among all the wiki-style publishing platforms, bitweaver was an above-average, multilingual, and FAST system, easier on your database than many others complex CMSs, because it only activates the features you want, no fuel loss on idling extra cylinders, in automotive terms.

Just install it on your local machine and try. If you happen to have a Mac, install MAMP and then Bitweaver, and you will have a local test website running in one short evening.

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