Help with AD/LDAP integration

Michael Parker

Help with AD/LDAP integration

Posted:25 Jan 2012 (20:29 UTC)
Looking for some help with setting up LDAP.
Here's what I did:
on the "User Registration and Login" tab under Users > Login Settings, I chose LDAP Auth as method 1. Then I went to the LDAP Auth tab and put in what I believe are the correct settings and then clicked the button at the bottom that says "Change LDAP Auth preferences"

Nothing happens except that the values appear to be saved. There's no notification that it's working or not working. If I try to log into as an AD user at that point it doesn't work.

My settings look like this:
LDAP Connection URL:
LDAP Host:
LDAP Port: 636
Use Start-TLS: no
Skip SSL Cert Validation: yes
Use Referrals: yes
LDAP Base DN: dc=domain,dc=com
LDAP UserDN: ou=ou3,ou=ou2,ou=ou1
LDAP User Attribute: uid
LDAP User E-Mail Address: mail
LDAP User Display Name: displayName
LDAP User OC: inetOrgPerson
LDAP Group DN:
LDAP Group Attribute: cn
LDAP Group OC: groupOfUniqueNames
LDAP Member Attribute: uniqueMember
LDAP Member Is DN: no
LDAP Bind DN: "uid=name,ou=long name,dc=domain,dc=com"
LDAP Bind Pwd: password
LDAP Scope: Sub
LDAP Group Requirement:
Active Directory: yes

I'm fairly certain that my problems are in these values somewhere, but I'm not sure where. One problem I think is the inetOrgPerson...My users are actually just users, not inetOrgPersons, but I'm not sure what to replace that value with. tiaa.
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