Bitweaver forcing wiki link name change

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Bitweaver forcing wiki link name change

Posted:02 Nov 2012 (05:42 UTC)
Bitweaver will change the link text if the page name changes. That's generally OK, except when i have a Long Page Name and would like to use Alias+Shorthand combination:

( ( PageAlias|Shorthand ) )

Bitweaver ignores the fact that I'm trying to use my own short link and forces the long name anyway.

Where's my actual problem? A lot of my pages will have a title like "Sting (Artist)" or "Mouse (Computer Device)" and I CAN'T use parentheses in the above wiki link syntax :( - I have to use Aliases instead.

It was really late at night when I was typing this question - I was tired, maybe I missed something. Wiki page titles with parentheses are a common thing, as well as single-worded links to these pages. How else can I accomplish this?
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