Norwegian language file

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Norwegian language file

Posted:09 Mar 2006 (17:52 UTC)
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Svar: Norwegian language file

Posted:21 Jan 2008 (10:22 UTC)

My name is Fredrik I'm currently working on getting bw to Nowegian as the lang file for "no" is not in norwegian. maybe 5-10% norwegian, the rest is swedish or english. And I need it to be close to 100% norwegian as I'm using bw to create a homepage for a project in eDemocracy at the University of Agder, Norway.

I asked on the IRC channel, and where told to announce myself here.
And that I then could get access to som translation module here on this site to translate to norwegian instead of directly manipulating the language.php, as I'm doing now. That way others can get use of the translation as well.
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