HTML Purifier integration with BitWeaver

Edward Z. Yang
Joined: 18 Jun 2007

HTML Purifier integration with BitWeaver

Posted:18 Jun 2007 (02:58 UTC)
Hi, this is the lead developer for HTML Purifier. I'm just dropping in to check out how HTML Purifier's been doing in your application, and give you some heads up about some extra development things that are going on. It seems that the preview implementation on Bitweaver right now seems quite buggy, over-escaping things it shouldn't.

Concerning the blockquote problem, there is a quick fix for this: Set %HTML.BlockWrapper to div ($config->set('HTML', 'BlockWrapper', 'div'); and you won't get the same funny layout issues as you do with a paragraph tag. This is, however, at the cost of semantics.

I've bumped up the implementation of an error collection system to 1.7 (possibly renamed to 2.0) on the special bequest of Nick Palmer. However, I do not think it will be anywhere near finished by the time the next version comes out. The main reason for this is because ievery/i single class that processes user input must be combed through, and error messages must written for every single edge case for them. That's quite a large task. Not to mention localization!

Fortunately, the task can easily be broken up into chunks and is not "difficult", and will eventually will get finished. You guys will be a bit like guinea-pigs: as new versions come out, more and more error messages will be added to the repertoire until it is complete. Stay tuned! And any questions or comments are welcome.

P.S. I noticed a few bugs while using your forum. First is the incredibly disruptive Preview double-encoding problem. Also, when you preview, the ticked value for "Content Format" is not carried over. Also, you probably should validate email addresses before accepting them for registration.