Daniel Sutcliffe

Daniel is a middle aged guy who was born in England but emigrated to the USA over 10 years ago and lives in the Lakes Region of NH. He has spent his whole education and work life studying/using/creating/modifying computers, networks and software. He knows his way around many and varied systems but prefers *nix based systems and prefers to avoid those from Redmond.

Daniel started to get interested in bitweaver during 2008, drawn by its modular nature, active and open development model, use of PHP, smarty and database independence. At the beginning of 2009 he was given write access to CVS. He is using it commercially and developing some packages for a customer with specific intranet workflow automation needs; this allows him a little paid time to do some work on the core of bitweaver, and provide some packages to the public that may eventually become generally useful. His long term goal is for there to be a bunch of packages that would allow bitweaver to be configured for use as a customizable CRM type solution, amongst other things.

Bitweaver packages that Dan accepts responsibility for:
The neglected, but still heavily used, OpenSTA is also often cited as being all Daniel's fault (:twisted:)