Street address handling package - alpha & demo

Created by: Daniel Sutcliffe, Last modification: 01 Oct 2009 (14:56 UTC)
The Address package was created to demonstrate and use the prototype LibertyformPackage. It currently provides a way to store and manipulate street addresses, but is missing huge chunks of functionality to make it really usable and complete so should really just be viewed as a demonstration of how to make use of the LibertyformPackage.

The idea in developing this package was to have a central place where everything about a street address and it's international nature could be stored. eg. it currently holds a list of all the countries of the world and their various coded and full forms, and that the title/descriptions of certain address fields are different in various parts of the world (eg. ZIP vs postcode). In the future this idea could be expanded so that it held lists of States for the USA, Counties for the UK, etc. and provide rules for the entering of postal codes and maybe even add-ons that allow quick look-up/fill-in of address from postal codes, or provide quick links to mapping from the address. There are many possibilities ...

This package makes use of the LibertyformPackage mFields array (where all the form fields attributes are stored) by loading it all from a database table.

This package requires PHP 5.1. It was developed under MySQL 5.0 and has not been tested on any other DB platform yet.

You can get the package by checking out _bit_address from CVS.