My tiki usage

I use Tiki for my site which is a site for technical analysis that shows Fishnet Charts/Diagrams. It is now also possible to download the logo as a background picture. There exists backgrounds for 4:3 and 16:9 screens.

I will switch to bitweaver in the future

Work done in the tiki project
  • The Swedish translation. The translation is not perfect, so do not heistate to contact me with comments or add them on page LanguageSwedish.
  • Made (major) bugfixing of the script get_strings.php which is used for extracting strings to translate in the tiki project.
  • Make spell checking easier when doing translations

Future tiki(pro) Project's
  • Struggle with UnusedWords.
  • Modularize translations.

Other tiki related work
For my own site i have made a module wich generates the menu with the share names and a normal page wich also shows the shares. Since the modules are quite specialized/specific i have not released them to the public.

I have also experimented with a context sensiteve module which shows different contents depending on which page it occurs in (e.g. shows top tiki-pages when viewing a Tiki page and top blogs when viewing a blog).