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This page is currently in proposal stage (:rolleyes:)

We should have automatic tests for atleast the most critical parts of bitweaver. Features that are candidates for this is core features like user identification and permission system and backup. Other can features can most probably be added to this list.

As framework for driving these test phpUnit is suggested. Then there is of cource the process of validating that the XHTML that is produced is W3C compatible. The specification fo this process is of course a little trickier since the tool is not as easy to automate as phpUnit.

jomar's comments
I think it's easy to underestimate the importance of automated testing:
  • Keep developers and other participants doing their thing, as much as possible. Testing is a boring, time-consuming activity for humans
  • Regression testing prevents feature and bug fixes from generating bugs
  • Consistant quality for every release is essential in order to build the confidence of critical "commercial" customers

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