Anonymous Users

Created by: Lee LaMont Bell Jr., Last modification: 15 May 2004 (07:29 UTC)
This page is a demo page for sites wanting to use Group Home Pages - see Home Page Tutorial for details. This page would be displayed as the Home page before the user logs in.

The primary idea is that an Anonymous Users has different needs than a Registered User. An Anonymous User is trying to determine if there is anything on the site that is worth looking at - or even spend the time to register. A registered user has already made that decision - he wants to know what is new and what has changed.

All of the links on this page do work - but they do not necessarily make sense because this site was not setup for this purpose. Everything below this bar should be copied to your page.

Anonymous User
This is the Home Page for Anonymous Users. An Anonymous User is anybody who is not registered with the site or has not logged in as yet. Anonymous Users are limited in what they can and cannot do on this site.

So - If you are a Registered User - Please Login. If not - Why don't you join us? You might find what you've been looking for.

So what is ))MySite(( all about?
))MySite(( is a site dedicated to this and that. It is a collaborative environment that contains a powerful CMS (Content Management System) and a rather extensive list of features. The site was created to be a Community Site for this and that. It will functioning as a repository for this and that. Like all good ideas, this one rapidly expanded to include:
  • Forums - For THIS, AND, and THAT. Of course, there are also the Site-Related Forums.
  • File Galleries - Upload / Download Spreadsheets, Templates, whatever you like. The site is not a repository for everything imaginable, but if you want to share a file while explaining something - please feel free to upload it. Click Here to View
  • Image Galleries - Have you ever wanted a place to show off your latest Masterpiece? Upload an image to our Image Gallery. We have a Gallery dedicated to This and That. More Galleries will be created as needed.
  • Directories - Links to everything. Give a list of Link categories here - the list keeps growing - so help it grow! Add your favorite places and let us know why you like them. Check Out Our Links
  • eMail - Want to read your email – we have a web based email program built in* *Blogs - A Blog is a web based Journal or Diary - Every member is allowed to create a Blog (either public or private) which can be accessed through this site or with a desktop applications (several Free programs are listed).
  • Wiki Pages - This site revolves around the CMS and Wiki Pages. A Wiki is an easy way to create & edit web pages - without having to learn HTML. Any member can create as many pages as desired - on any topic. Most pages should relate to this and that - but almost any topic is allowed. This page is a Wiki Page - but don't let my simple needs fool you. Nearly anything imaginable is possible on a Wiki Page.
  • Articles - are used to provide the site with News that every member will see when they login. Members are invited to submit Articles whenever they have something for general broadcast. Some good examples might include uploaded Macros, finished Wiki Pages, a Quiz or Survey. Again - almost anything reasonable will be allowed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg folks - there is a lot more inside and more to come.

Hopefully, you will find all of this easy to use. ))MySite(( was created using bitweaver CMS . For more information, see bitweaver.