Archived Picture Upload with Fisheye under Windows

Archived Picture Upload if running Bitweaver Server on Windows

Created by: Daniel Pott, Last modification: 15 Jan 2007 (17:00 UTC)
If you are running a Webserver with Windows and want your users to use the fisheye image gallery, you should follow the following steps so they can directly upload archived images.


  1. Put the contents of all your decompressor packages into a folder on the webserver, e.g. "c:\webserver\tools\archiving". Make sure e.g. unzip and unrar are in the same folder (different ones work as well but this makes it easier).
  2. If you have unzip.exe and unzip32.exe in the archiving package, delete unzip.exe and rename unzip32.exe to unzip.exe.
  3. Go to "Start-Settings-System Settings-System-Advanced-Environment Variables-System Variables" look for "PATH" and edit it. Add the folder from above "c:\webserver\tools\archiving" (without quotes) after a semicolon ";" to the existing paths. Your "PATH" variable should now look like this (or similar): "c:\programme\imagemagick-6.3.1-q8;C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\Webserver\tools\archiving".

Archive upload with RAR or ZIP should work fine now.
For TARed and STUFFed files just follow the above steps and make sure you have a file called "tar.exe" and "unstuffed.exe" in your archiving-folder.


by hiran, 15 Jan 2007 (17:34 UTC)
You are running Apache as a service? Then make sure you set the system path rather than the user's path....

by Daniel Pott, 15 Jan 2007 (21:06 UTC)
Well yes. Definitely the "System Variable" not the "user variable". But I belive I wrote that.
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