Created by: lphuberdeau, Last modification: 01 Mar 2006 (02:15 UTC)


I was looking in the bitweaver user package to see how easy it would be to change the user authentication to use LDAP instead of bitweaver's internal password (having failed to use the LDAP options). To my surprise, I found out that the users/BitUser.php file was around 1700 lines long and didn't seem to do so much and was not flexible at all.

IRC being the #1 source of information, spiderr told me that code was nearly intact from the Tikiwiki ages.

Isn't it time for a redesign? I think so!

I attached a very early draft of the structure of what would be the authentication system after redesign. The objective is to make it bitweaver-like and allow to plug in additional modules and customize it all. Comments are welcome.


No formal dates set at this time. I will mostly work on this when I get some free time.