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Created by: AC van Rijn, Last modification: 16 Jun 2006 (14:20 UTC)


As it's been about a year since multiple people expressed the need for a better/alternative forum package for bitweaver, I figured it to be about time to try to kickstart the actual development. Because so many people have expressed the need for such a package, I hope this initial bounty will be a stimulant for others to increase the bounty for this project.
My main concern for the forum package is that its lightweight, efficient and tightly integrated with bitweaver. This implicates, amongst other things, that it should utilize the same user database, user info pages and private messaging system as currently utilized in bitweaver. Other bounty providers are of course free to offer their own suggestions!
It seems to me that the most efficient solution would be to write a custom forum package based on the code already existing in bitweaver. I'd also like to propose the following name: bitForums. I look forward to hearing your opinions and I hope enough people will be interested to finally get this thing done!

All work for this bounty must be LGPL licensed and accepted into Bitweaver CVS.

The current comment system could be the basis of an integrated forum. It has both a threaded and flat mode. If there were simply a "forum" view of a page's or article's comments, it would be pretty close to what I'm looking for in a forum.

One possible way would be to have a plugin that could display the comments for a specified content item in a typical forum format.

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