Bounty: New Template and Flash Integration

Created by: Trevor, Last modification: 03 Feb 2008 (15:24 UTC)


1) Create a custom package that allows communication with a Flash module as the center element of the Bitweaver page (this has been done as a proof of concept using Flash remoting and now needs to be expanded and improved)

2) Create a custom template. This template should include the above flash package and integrate all components seamlessly

This bounty is the beginning of a much larger project, with much more work available at competitive rates.

Current Bounty Amount: $1500.00

Bounty Status

  • This bounty is currently open and seeking developers.


The maintainer of the bounty is: trevander AT chateaugrrr DOT com
Please contact before starting any work on this bounty.

Bounty History

  • Created 2008-02-03 07:23:02 -1000

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