Bounty: WarnMeBeforeILOSEmyEdit

Created by: mlpvolt, Last modification: 17 May 2006 (00:37 UTC)

there are 50 ways to lose your edit.

The most common however, is clicking a link on the page in bitweaver. Good and gentle programmers, surely there must be a way to lead us away from this evil with a little warning popup or something likewise.

This is something everybody needs, but /mlpvolt will gladly chip in.


by dspt, 17 May 2006 (11:15 UTC)
I think using Opera, that caches history a bit differently form IE is an easy solution to such problem. When you press "back" icon in opera, the text in the inputfields is restored. Not sure how FF handles it.

by Suslov, 19 Aug 2006 (13:04 UTC)
I`m using Firefox and and there no such problem. When i press "back" i can see all text.
(:idea:) Don`t use IE - use Opera or Firefox!

Use bounty template and post a value

by Will, 09 Oct 2006 (02:09 UTC)
You might want to post how much you will chip in. And you can use the Bounty template to provide some other details:

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