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When I find the time - I'll write a proper help page - wolff_borg.

Galaxia is an open source workflow engine based on Openflow.

For the time being, look at these references which should help.
  • GalaxiaTutorial - a Bitweaver specific tutorial on how to begin using Galaxia. Needs more work, but its a great start.

Also see:


Galaxia is Cool

by WaterDragon, 08 Jun 2006 (23:31 UTC)
Other than a few hickups dealing with assigning roles to activities which other users seem to have (the UI for this is very odd and should probably change) it is pretty easy to create complex flows. I like it!

Ticketing system

by Kozuch, 10 Feb 2007 (09:42 UTC)
Does anyone know whether a user support ticketing system could be created thanx to galaxia?
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