Ideas for new packages

A brainstorm on what could be created or ported

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This ideas are definitely meant for a long term development horizon. If a good and established FOSS software is ready on the functionality, it should be considered to port it (like it has been done with Zen-Cart to BitCommerce). Check bitweaver usability page too.


This package was ported from TikiWiki for Bitweaver 1 but is not maintained any more.


This package would allow to create custom home in case you do not want to use any other package for your homepage. It would allow also the homepage to reside in the root of your bitweaver install (in comparison to for example /wiki folder).


This package would allow any bitweaver site to turn into a professional webmail service server given that the server OS would have all prerequsities.

Available FOSS:


Sophisticated e-learning is about correct processes and user rights. The base for the e-learning package could be wiki books with the possibility of adding quizes and tracking down user results.

Available FOSS:


No ideas for CRM package at this time.

Available FOSS:


E-Learning Package would be great

by Joe, 18 Apr 2007 (16:45 UTC)
(:idea:)I think an E-learning package would be a great addon
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