Centralize Comments System

Created by: Will, Last modification: 18 Dec 2008 (03:25 UTC)
Liberty Comments provides a centralized Comments service to any content, like blog posts or wiki pages, built on the Liberty Class of LibertyPackage.

The ability to add comments to content is generally controlled by the content package or the content object itself.


Ajax Comments

The Ajax Comments feature lets users submit comments on content without requiring a full page refresh; only the comment form is submitted and the results are returned and animated into the page.

This feature is both faster than reloading a whole page and requires less server resources. It also looks cool.

Ajax Comments also enabled comments to be added seemlessly to pages in which a traditional comment submission form may be undesirable - such as pages where one may be dynamically loading multiple content objects for continuous browsing. Under such extended sessions submitting a comment and triggering a full page refresh may be too disruptive to the session the user is creating for themselves - eg their dynamic content selection would be lost on page refresh. Ajax Comments to the rescue.

Ajax Comments plays nicely with the FCKEditor HTML wysiwyg tools too!

Road Map

Currently Comments do not support attachments, but they could. Liberty Comments are built on LibertyMime which means they fundamentally can allow attachments, the code and edit form just needs to be tweaked.