bitweaver License

Created by: SEWilco, Last modification: 15 Dec 2004 (18:59 UTC)
bitweaver is licensed under the GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (GNU LGPL)

Some Packages have more restrictive licenses.


How does LGPL apply to a scripted environment?

by Vijay Aswadhati, 03 Aug 2005 (08:57 UTC)
My understanding of LGPL is that any code that 'statically' links to a LGPLd library should also be open sourced. In the C/C++ world LGPL
kind of works o.k since the library is provided in a DLL form and hence the commercial projects can keep their value add closed.

1) Are there any links that provide clarification on how LGPL applies to script environments.

2) A page or two that explains what guidelines commercial projects that want to use bitweaver as the foundation shoud follow would be very helpful.
Like which libraries can be used and not have to open up the source code.

3) This is especially important now that bitweaver is being positioned as a framework as opposed to just a system.

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