List of Plugins

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A Table Full of Plugins

Data Plugin Help Pages
File Name
Add Tabs {ADDTABS} DataPluginAddTabs Yes Liberty/Plugins data.addtabs.php
Ad Sense {ADSENSE} DataPluginAdSense Yes Liberty/Plugins data.adsense.php
Agent Info {AGENTINFO} DataPluginAgentInfo Yes Liberty/Plugins data.agentinfo.php
Article {ARTICLE} DataPluginArticle No Liberty/Plugins data.article.php
Articles {ARTICLES} DataPluginArticles Yes Liberty/Plugins data.articles.php
Attachment {ATTACHMENT} DataPluginAttachment Yes Liberty/Plugins data.attachment.php
Avatar {AVATAR} DataPluginAvatar No Liberty/Plugins data.avatar.php
Back Links {BACKLINKS} DataPluginBackLinks No Liberty/Plugins data.backlinks.php
Blog {BLOG} DataPluginBlog Yes Liberty/Plugins
Category {CATEGORY} DataPluginCategory No Liberty/Plugins data.category.php
Cat Orphans {CATORPHANS} DataPluginCatOrphans No Liberty/Plugins data.catorphans.php
Cat Path {CATPATH} DataPluginCatPath No Liberty/Plugins data.catpath.php
Clock {CLOCK} DataPluginClock Yes Liberty/Plugins data.clock.php
Code {CODE} DataPluginCode Yes Liberty/Plugins data.code.php
Comment {COMMENT} DataPluginComment Yes Liberty/Plugins data.comment.php
Copy Right {COPYRIGHT} DataPluginCopyRight Yes Liberty/Plugins data.copyright.php
Count Down {COUNTDOWN} DataPluginCountDown Yes Liberty/Plugins data.countdown.php
Div {DIV} DataPluginDiv Yes Liberty/Plugins data.div.php
Drop Down {DD} DataPluginDropDown Yes Liberty/Plugins data.dropdown.php
Example {EXAM} DataPluginExample Yes Liberty/Plugins data.example.php
Free Mind {MM} DataPluginFreeMind Yes Liberty/Plugins data.freemind.php
Gauge {GAUGE} DataPluginGauge Yes Liberty/Plugins data.gauge.php
GeshiData {GESHIDATA} DataPluginPluginHelp No Liberty/Plugins data.geshidata.php
Image {IMG} DataPluginImage Yes Liberty/Plugins data.img.php
Include {INCLUDE} DataPluginInclude No Liberty/Plugins data.include.php
Lang {LANG} DataPluginLang Yes Liberty/Plugins data.lang.php
Ledger Table {LEDGERTABLE} DataPluginLedgerTable Yes Liberty/Plugins data.ledgertable.php
Library {LIB} DataPluginLibrary Yes Liberty/Plugins data.library.php
MapQuest {MAPQUEST} DataPluginMapQuest Yes Liberty/Plugins data.mapquest.php
MapQuest Directions {MQDIR} DataPluginMapQuestDirections Yes Liberty/Plugins data.mqdirections.php
Module {MODULE} DataPluginModule Yes Liberty/Plugins data.module.php
Object {OBJECT} DataPluginObject Yes Liberty/Plugins data.object.php
Plugin Help {PLUGINHELP} DataPluginPluginHelp Yes Liberty/Plugins data.pluginhelp.php
Rss {RSS} DataPluginRss Yes Liberty/Plugins data.rss.php
Sort {SORT} DataPluginSort Yes Liberty/Plugins data.sort.php
SourceForge {SF} DataPluginSourceForge No Liberty/Plugins data.sf.php
Snippet {SNIPPET} DataPluginSnippet No Liberty/Plugins data.snippet.php
Split {SPLIT} DataPluginSplit No Liberty/Plugins data.split.php
Spy Text {SPYTEXT} DataPluginSpyText Yes Liberty/Plugins data.spytext.php
Table Of Contents {TOC} DataPluginTOC No Liberty/Plugins data.toc.php
Title Search {TITLESEARCH} DataPluginTitleSearch No Liberty/Plugins data.titlesearch.php
Translated {TRANSLATED} DataPluginTranslated No Liberty/Plugins data.translated.php
User Count {USERCOUNT} DataPluginUserCount No Liberty/Plugins data.usercount.php
User Link {USERLINK} DataPluginUserLink No Liberty/Plugins data.userlink.php
User List {USERLIST} DataPluginUserList Yes Liberty/Plugins data.userlist.php
Wiki Graph {WIKIGRAPH} DataPluginWikiGraph No Liberty/Plugins data.wikigraph.php
Wiki List {WIKILIST} DataPluginWikiList No Liberty/Plugins data.wikilist.php