High-performance, zero-query bitweaver search package

Created by: spiderr, Last modification: 29 Jan 2006 (18:32 UTC)
The lucene project is a "is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library" that is maintained by the Apache foundation. It is extremely powerful, fast, and popular. For bitweaver's LucenePackage, we are using the Java lucene.jar as well as the C++ version, clucene combined with php-clucene. The clucene components are still very much in development, however they do work well enough to comfortably use it for our sites.

Like all things bitweaver, the LucenePackage is not designed to replace our existing SearchPackage, but is intended to provide an alternative. /SeanNerd has been making some great progress and commits on the ReleaseOne SearchPackage. These improvements will be a part of our next ReleaseOne release. Whether or not the LucenePackage is a part of ReleaseTwo or ReleaseOne is undecided for now...

If you are comfortable with UNIX, and have root available for your hosting environment, we encourage you to download a copy today with:

cvs co -r HEAD _bit_clucene

(Note: we are changing the package name to _bit_lucene as soon as sourceforge responds to our support ticket)


by , 17 Nov 2007 (01:49 UTC)
it would be very nice if you could publish the efforts with php-clucene on the pecl site. the package there seems a bit outdated (:wink:)
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