ModComments lets you review comments before they become public.

Created by: Will, Last modification: 02 May 2008 (01:49 UTC)
This package is in Beta! It is very stable. If you decide to install and run it please contact or wjames5 on IRC, we are actively debugging and will work with you to setup the package and fix any problems.

The ModComments package works on comments globally across your site. Comments can be moderated on a content by content basis or on all comments. Admins can decide if they want content owners to be able to moderate comments on their content, or if only admins should be able to set moderation requirements and manage the moderation process.

Dependencies: ModerationPackage
Moderation package must be installed for ModComments to work.

Configuration Note: You must enable Display Status in the Liberty administration panel. ModComments makes use of status_id to hide comment until you approve them.

Get the Code: Checkout _bit_modcomments from cvs.