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This is a proposal page for the BlogView Data Plugin. Any information given here is subject to change without notification. The BlogView Plugin does Not Exist at this time.


The idea behind this plugin is to insert a blog into a page exactly like it appears on the blog view page. This would allow a summary page of a few blogs and other modules.

So What Would It Do?

A good example is using Blogs as a news system similar to how PostNuke
This is a good example offering the title, blog and opportunity for comments:

What Shouldn't It Do?

I'll quote PluginProposal-PagePoll on this: I don't believe that the user should be taken away from the page - to vote or for anything else. Comments and any other information should be embeded in the Plugin (in the form of a dropdown hidden box)

How Would This Plugin be used ?

Typically as news on the welcome page that contains other information such as the site description, disclaimer and other updates.


Try AddTabs

by Lee LaMont Bell Jr., 03 Mar 2006 (00:20 UTC)
Have you tried using the Plugin AddTabs? It wouldn't insert a complete Blog - but it could be used to insert specific Blog Posts onto a page. That would allow you to have a Tab for each Post.
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