Created by: Lee LaMont Bell Jr., Last modification: 14 Jul 2005 (10:17 UTC)


This is a proposal page for the HideText Data Plugin. Any information given here is subject to change without notification. The HideText Plugin does Not Exist at this time.


The Plugin described on this page has been completed! I used a different name for it and I added a lot more functionallity than this page describes. It's name is SpyText and you can get a peek at it in operation on the DataPluginSpyText help page. StarRider


The idea behind this plugin is that when added - Text encapsulated by the Plugin would be Visible to Specific Users / or to a Group of Users. To anyone else - there would be no indication that there might be something hidden on the page. The text would Not be rendered by Smarty so it would never make it to the browser - i.e. View by Page Source would find nothing.

So What Would It Do ?

Compare the Current User's Name to a parameter containg UserName / or see if the Current User is in one of the Groups specified by a parameter containg GroupNames. If valid - the text would be displayed / if not - it would not.

How Would This Plugin be used ?

Several ideas come to mind.
  • A Group of Users could make changes to a page - visible only to themselves - for colaborative editing & approval - before making them visible to the general public
  • Hidden Messages in Pages or Blogs - (Meet me tonigh for - whatever)