Summary of bitweaver releases

Created by: xing, Last modification: 18 Jun 2006 (09:12 UTC)
ReleaseOne — ReleaseOneChangelog
2006-06-181.3.1various bug fixes and security updates
2005-11-221.1various big fixes, tk security hash fully implemented, CalendarPackage included for first time
2005-09-111.0.4first release of GalaxiaPackage and LibertyServices
2005-08-021.0.3bugfix release
2005-07-291.0.2bugfix release
2005-07-051.0.1bugfix release
2005-06-21ReleaseOneafter much effort, anticipation and patience we bring you our first release! Download it
2005-05-14ReleaseOneBeta 2Final beta before final release - strictest schema freeze
2005-04-??ReleaseOneBeta 1First beta version of ReleaseOne - schema and API freeze initiated
There were never any official (or working) releases of ReleaseZero