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This is a work in progress and has not been released yet
Features proposed here are not guaranteed to make it to any release

Upgrade Notes

  • no release yet

Package Updates


  • Add registration_optin preference for newsletters to allow hand selecting newsletters that are available on registration opt-in form

Administrator Notes

  • HTML Purifier filter plug-in updated to work with version 4.0. Be sure to update your version of HTML Purifier.
  • LCConfig supports enabling && disabling services on a content type basis. Note some legacy services may not recognize selected preferences - please report bugs.

Developer Notes

  • Javascript and file structure changes and listed in the SchemaChangelog.
  • Liberty Services now take descriptions and required parameters.


"basic" and "advanced" control sets

by Kozuch, 20 Feb 2007 (19:16 UTC)
Very needed. Lot's of potential users and webmasters are scared by the complexity bitweaver offers. This way it will be much better "sold".
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