How to unstall Bitweaver under IIS 5

Created by: Stephan Borg, Last modification: 12 Apr 2006 (09:32 UTC) by Lee LaMont Bell Jr.
Some assumptions:
  • You have basic Windows server administration skills and know how to install applications
  • You have downloaded the latest version of Bitweaver and installed it on your hard drive

Install Software

Install IIS

  1. Open Internet Services Manager
  2. Right-click on Default Web Site and select New / Virtual Directory
  3. Follow the Wizard and answer the following
    • Alias: bitweaver
    • Directory: the directory where you've installed Bitweaver; for example C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\bitweaver
    • Access Permissions: leave the default Read and Run scripts
    • Finish
  4. Right-click on Default Web Site / bitweaver and select Properties
    • On the Documents tab, click Add and add index.php to the list

Install PHP

  1. Download and install PHP from (this page was written with PHP 4.4.0 installer)
  2. Follow the installer and IIS shuold be automatically configured for you.
  3. At this point, you should be able to browse to http://localhost/bitweaver and get an error page


  1. Using explorer, browse to your Bitweaver install directory
  2. Right-click on the temp directory
    • Select Properties
    • Select the Security tab
    • Click Add and add the IIS user (mentioned in the error page above); for example IUSR_xxxxxxx
    • Then check the Modify rights checkbox
    • Press OK to apply changes
  3. Repeat the above procedure for the storage directory
  4. Create an empty text file called kernel/config_inc.php and repeat the above procedure to assign Modify rights to is also.
  5. At this point, revisit your homepage http://localhost/bitweaver and you should get redirected to the installer

If you're using MS-SQL or MSDE, refer to the SetupMSSQL page

Note: If your using IIS 3.0 and there are some unuseual directory names (in one case the extra directory was named: _vti_cnf ) it could be that you need to remove the Frontpage Server Extensions. This is described at


by Chris Ruggles, 02 Aug 2005 (04:54 UTC)
wolff - Will try to assist you in this from my experience.

First question: Did you have to change to PHP via ISAPI to get it working? I did, and can provide instructions on how.


by Stephan Borg, 28 Aug 2005 (09:45 UTC)
No - only mods I did are documented above. I'm using PHP4 and I installed it from the Installer EXE, so it was probably configured automatically.
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