Stencils are Blueprints for Content

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Stencils Package works exactly like MediaWiki's templates (e.g., at

A stencil prompts a user to enter information and can be very useful in situations where you want a standard appearance.

It is created with the layout and styling you want it to have when it is to be used in a page or wherever, and may contain a combination of text, attachments and prompted input areas.

The prompted input areas are surrounded by 3 parentheses:
{{{ }}}

Once saved, only the prompted areas are shown for each stencil preview (ie on the stencils tab behind a wiki page that you are editing).

A user can cut and paste a stencil to wherever they want to use it. When the page (or other content) is saved the stencil pulls all the layout and styling options into how this stencil looks.


In the Stencils drop-down menu, choose Create Stencil.

Enter a title, and description (optional) and then format your stencil.


Title:Contact Details





{{Contact Details|


Joanne Bloggs555 645 89674 Merry-go-round Way, On Your Horse, Fantasy Island


  • Stencils do not allow spaces between words inside the parentheses, so use an underscore instead.
  • Neither do the user prompt inputs support non-english language characters, so you will need to use an anglicized form, where one exists.
  • Html character encoding also does not work (using FCKeditor).
  • Each input prompt needs to be unique within the stencil ie. only one {{{Name}}}, or one {{{Phone}}} (unless you want the same data filled in, in more than one place). ie For different {{{Name}}} prompts you could define {{{President_Name}}}, {{{Treasurer_Name}}} and {{{Secretary_Name}}}

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