thoughts relating to wether bitweaver should use a table or divs for it's layout

Created by: xing, Last modification: 22 Aug 2004 (22:15 UTC)


  • more compatible with old browsers

  • cumbersome


  • very flexible
    • divs can be moved around the page using the css --> perhaps StylistPackage could allow positioning of divs (probably best illustrated at css Zen Garden)
  • future proof
    • with CSS3 on the horizon, i think we should make an effort to move to divs.

  • older browsers have difficulties displaying a div layout
  • virtually 'impossible' to create a pixelperfect layout that expands over 100% of the displayed area - let's be honest: who really needs that. most sitest that look really good, are constrained to a certain width anyway (IMHO). if you instist on that kind of layout, i suppose you could use your own tiki.tpl file that uses a table as layout.