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A review of available bug database systems

Created by: spiderr, Last modification: 26 Apr 2010 (13:17 UTC)
Bug Database Comparison
Product Technicals SCM The Good The Bad
RedmineRedmine + Mysql, Postgrescvs, svn, git, moreVery clean UI, completely customizable priorities and statuses, lots of pluginsSetting up roles and workflows can be cumbersome, Ruby
MantisPHP + Mysql (postgres and other db's are 'experimental')NONESimple straightforward bugtracking, has been around for nearly 10 years, IN YOUR FACE list of issues - no digging around for thingsUgly, sub-optimal UI, cannot modify Resolution, Priority, and other attribute values
JiraJava 1.5 SDK+Fisheye cvs, svn, perforce, gitVery feature complete, "Agile" stuff if you are into deadlinesEXPENSIVE for > 10 people. A monster black hole. Agile cards are weird, and don't go away. Issue listing is always a search. Many clicks to see issues
TracPython + SQLite or Postgres (mysql experimental)svnAll the cool kids use it,Filtered search for listing,wiki is not terribly useful, and can't be disabled. No defaults, milestone oriented. Many clicks to see issues, command line interface for basic tasks like renaming milestones, etc.
ActiveCollabPHP + MySQLsvn (in Corporate version)Very feature rich - complete project management package, pretty, Ajaxified, nice GUI editor when editing tasksOverbearying organization - Project -> Milestone -> Ticket. Drill Baby, Drill. Many clicks to see issues.
FlySprayPHP + MySQL, PostgresNONEJabber Integration, flexible & easy configuration of types of reports, resolutions, configuration, moreNot templated, poor code. Low activity project.