a pluggable file gallery for bitweaver

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Treasury Package is a file management package that uses galleries to organize files, similar to a photo gallery package, but Treasury works with more than just image files. Treasury can be used to manage audio, video, flash/swf files, excel, word docs, etc.


  • Nested galleries.
    • It is possible to create galleries within galleries making it easy to structurally organise file uploads.
    • Nested galleries use the LibertyStructure system, providing a uniform interface and behaviour.
  • Every gallery can have an image associated with it.
    • Gallery images are independent of gallery content and can therefor be used to illustrate the content of given gallery.
  • Treasury allows the use of bitweaver services. This means you can use packages like Pigeonholes or Tags to categorize galleries and files.
  • It is possible to assign individual permissions to galleries. This makes it possible to create public galleries or restrict galleries from public view.

Customize Treasury for your Content

Treasury includes a shell script that you can use to easily customize the package for particular content types. For example, say you want to manage podcasts and would prefer to have "Galleries" be called "Podcasts" and the individual audio files called "Episodes", instead of Treasury's default name "Items". The shell script lets you easily tweak Treasury for this purpose. For more on how to take advantage of this feature see the PodcastsPackage. This feature will also enable you to create and install multiple instances of Treasury, if you want multiple independent gallery systems for managing different kinds of files.

Legacy Note

If you are looking for the plugin system that used to be in treasury, this has been migrated to LibertyMime


This package exists

by Greg, 18 Oct 2007 (12:43 UTC)
OK ... but how or where to download it??
There's no single link about that :P

Treasury Package file history

by Kozuch, 23 Dec 2009 (17:30 UTC)
Can the Treasure Package do file versions? I mean like MediaWiki for example...
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