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NOTICE: THIS DOCUMENTATION IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND SHOULD NOT BE RELIED ON. For official documentation please go to the Documentation section of this site.

This documentation describes Bitweaver version 2 which has not been released yet.

It is targeted towards the end user of Bitweaver, namely the forum members who login to a website and generate content. It should be included in the Bitweaver releases.

Getting started

What is Bitweaver?

Bitweaver is an architecture to integrate different applications into one smooth website. The benefits are one layout, one login, interoperability of the components and many more. Bitweaver provides CMS, Messaging, Wiki and whatsoever. The list may vary, as the administrator of your site can choose which packages are active. Depending on that decision all or just some of the items below are of interest for you.

Registration and Login


There some parts of Bitweaver that are available to anyone. But this, to a maximum, is just reading one or the other documents. As soon as you want to be a full member in order to make use of the applications you will have to login first. Use the 'My ....' menuitem to get to the login page and enter your user credentials (username and password). As soon as you press enter you should be logged in.


In case you have no user credentials, you can click on 'register'. This link is available on the login page. Now you can create your own user credentials and immediately use them. It is important to enter your email address for the next feature.

Forgot your password?

If, for some reason, you do not remember your password just let Bitweaver send you an email about it. For this, click on 'retrieve password' on the login page and check your emails.


how long does a user stay logged in? How does Bitweaver recognise that same user again?


You can send private messages to any other user. Private message means that only the recipient is able to read that message. It is quite similar to email despite that it only works between this website's registered members.

Send a Message

Check for incoming messages

Reply to a Messages

Sort messages

Delete Messages


Sending a message to a forum is non-private, or public. That means that any user, maybe even without being logged in (and that means everyone on the internet), can read the message. And any registered user is able to respond. The result is a public discussion for a topic. The line of messages that belong to one topic is called a thread.

Starting a thread

Posting to a thread


Creating a page

Editing a page

Using the history

Markup syntax


Creating a page

Editing a page

Deleting a page

Using the history

Markup syntax

File and Image Galleries

Create a gallery


Manage uploaded items



The calendar may give you the idea of an appointment calendar. However it is only able to show events within Bitweaver as they come along. There is no possibility to create your appointments and thus everything you may see lies in the past. However the calendar is very useful if you want to keep track of what is going on on that website.

When you click the calendar link, you will see an empty calendar. Change to the second tab named Display Options to choose what kind of events you want to see. This way you are able to filter events by type as well as by date.
Use the search functionality if you need to issue a full text search on Bitweaver objects. All objects that can be viewed in the calendar can be searched here.


not yet available

Advanced Bitweaver

Customizing Bitweaver to your needs (My Homepage)

The rating system


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