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Reasons why Postgres is an excellent RDBMS choice

Created by: spiderr, Last modification: 24 Feb 2006 (21:50 UTC)
Postgres is widely acknowledged to be one of the most robust open-source databases available. This price/performance ratio is hard to beat.

"PostgreSQL was chosen over Oracle as the database to handle all of the .org TLDs information. While I don't believe the company that won was chosen solely because they used PostgreSQL vs Oracle ( vs anything else ), it does go to show that PostgreSQL can be used in a large scale environment." - Frank Wiles

While bitweaver supports many databases, Postgres is very special to the bitweaver project. Our project website runs Postgres, our largest showcase installs all run high traffic websites with Postgres, many of our lead developers all use Postgres.

In short, Postgres is receives first-class support for this project. Many open-source web applications that claim Postgres support often test very little with it, and bugs abound. However, because of our robust testing and developers affection for Postgres, it is likely to be the best database option we offer.