The people involved in bitweaver and what they are up to

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Who is who, what are they doing, and why are they here?

Who Am I?My nic is spider though some people call me "Christian Fowler" in MeatSpace
What Am I Doing?I am one of the principle software architects of bitweaver. I joined Brian Todoroff to start bitweaver after successfully completing my SpidercoreBranch experiment on the bitweaver and TikiWiki code base (which was soundly rejected by the Tikiwiki founder, Luis Argerich, so it was agreed a fork was necessary to bring enterprise performance to Tiki)
Why Am I Here? I need speed, scalability, and stability running on an enterprise database as I try to implement a 6+ million wiki page site that performs great under heavy traffic

Who Am I?xing on irc and squareing on sourceforge
What Am I Doing?currently i'm actively involved in the design/templating side of bitweaver. i hope to help the project wherever i can
Why Am I Here?learning to code and give a hand in a project i think is worth investing some time in

Who Am I? Lester Caine
What Am I Doing? I have two business areas both using BW
Enquirysolve - A Client Management System with version 10 based on BW - It is intended to move all customers over to theis version in the next year.
Model Engineers Digital Workshop (medw.co.uk) - Was a little part time activity - now produces 25% of my income - using bw as the web presence
Why Am I Here? I needed a stable framework I could build on. Tikiwiki gave a sot of start, but I fortunately found Tikipro and have been working with that in the background ever since.

Who Am I? Daniel Sutcliffe
What Am I Doing? Creating some packages to help me using bitweaver in a commercial environment, fixing a few things along the way in the core wherever I can help
Why Am I Here? Always been a fan of open source and modular software - needed a CMS and PHP/Smarty are the Web technologies I'm most familiar with. Need to learn lots more about javascript/AJAX.

Who Am I? UserPagewolff_borg or Wolffy on IRC or Stephan Borg
What Am I Doing?I had discussed spidercore with Spider when he made his proposal to the devs at TikiWIki and I agreed that a fork was most likely the best approach to the rearchitecture of bitweaver and TikiWiki - so here we are at bitweaver! I think Spider's desire for a Web Application Framework is the goal I agree with the most.
Why Am I Here? I wish for a modularised, streamlined, efficient and bitweaver to provide custom solutions to my clients - and I hope that bitweaver is the answer.
Current StatusActive when not changing diapers and game servers are down.

Who Am I? your name
What Am I Doing? what you are working on
Why Am I Here? your personal motivations for being involved with bitweaver

Non-active contributors

Who Am I? In the real world I'm know as Brian Todoroff
What Am I Doing? I'm one of the founders of bitweaver. At the moment I'm working on setting up this project and communtity while also adding DatabasePrefixing, and IconThemes to bitweaver
Why Am I Here? Computers and the Internet have always facinatied me with their ability to improve and enable communications of all sorts. I want to take the excelent foundation that Luis and MANY others produced in Tiki and provide a modular, scaleable version that is accessible to all and can continue to grow into the future.
Current StatusRetired July 2005, God Speed Brian!

Who Am I? My nickname is UserPagejomar
What Am I Doing?I'm here to assist in obtaining the goal of reliable, stable releases in any way I can. I'm fairly new to Tiki's and am trying to find ways to apply my 20+ years of engineering experience to help achieve a commercially viable Tiki.
Why Am I Here? I became involved with bitweaver after my initial attempts to use bitweaver and TikiWiki in a "mission-critical" roll at my place of employment. I want to be able to rely on a stable, controlled and well documented Tiki. This is an objective which I believe must be the product of disciplined software development activities. I also interested in ramping up on the skills required to develop custom modules and themes for bitweaver
Current StatusFell in love with a dame named Plone.

Who Am I? my nickname is UserPagefire This nickname was chosen cuz once I get into something - my curiosity and passion seeps into it like a wild prairie fire!! Atleast thats what I hope to do with bitweaver - I see a bright hot future with this software - especially after seeing the devotion and talent of its current development team!
What Am I Doing? I am working on figuring out this interesting program - I want to use it for modular and flexible client solutions.
Why Am I Here? I want to learn how to program custom modules for bitweaver - so my primary aim is to understand the code.... if I can - I would like to transfer all I learned into some tutorials for this site - so PLEASE send me all the help you can afford - cheers guys/gals!
Current Status?

Who Am I? Jan Lindåker
What Am I Doing? Mainly translation to Swedish - However right now I'm making a new package- bitUnit - to bitweaver. The bitUnit package is an integration of simple test to bitweaver
Why Am I Here? I'm currently using bitweaver for my website. I have some custom made pages. I found upgrading to new version very cumbersome, since custom pages get entagled with "framework" code, so I'm in the process of switching to bitweaver
Current Status?

Who Am I? Helge Karl Nyhamn
What Am I Doing? Learning the bitweaver code and structure so that I can play with it effectively and customize it for my needs. I do a little bug testing and make sure things work nicely on Mac OS X. I also do the bokmål and nynorsk norwegian language localizations.
Why Am I Here? I was looking for something like bitweaver and found it :) . I need an application that let me control the look and feel, I like to decide which features to use and have big fait in bitweaver. The approach of the bitweaver team is very smart indeed. I also hope that I can commit something back to this project. I also apreciate the openness of open source software
Current Status?

Who Am I? In the real world I'm Lee Bell or s-r on IRC
What Am I Doing? I somehow managed to find myself (:rolleyes:) dedicated to the Liberty Plugins. Not a bad idea for a beginner trying to learn (:biggrin:). See Active Plugins and PluginProposalPage if you just have an idea.
Why Am I Here? Mostly - because I'm trying to learn. PHP / Smarty / and the in's and out's of bitweaver.
Current Status?

Who Am I? Giles Westwood
What Am I Doing? Commerce package mostly
Why Am I Here? Wanting to create the best open source e-commerce package
Current Status?