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by Peter Moore, 26 Oct 2008 (10:07 UTC)
i've browsed the CVS repository at SourceForge but i cant find the spidercore.sql to run against PostgreSQL.
I'm quite happy to assist in this project as i am evaluating bitweaver where i work and TikiWiki has a lot of bugs. bitweaver seems to be moving in the right direction.
Do i really need to have a working Al Capone before i use Bonnie? If the database schema in Bonnie is already defined then i shouldnt really need to go from TikiWiki, to Al to Bonnie should i??


by Combat Wombat, 27 Oct 2008 (06:58 UTC)
Hi Peter,
I suggest you try the IRC channel #bitweaver on Freenode. Spiderr hangs out there, and so does Xing and Wjames5. They are the ones who would be able to help most ably.
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