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 Blogs package provides a selection of layout modules you can use to put blogs related content throughout our site.
 *__Last Blog Posts__
 + The last blog posts module displays lists of blog posts. There many parameters you can set to use this module to display a variety of different kinds of blog post lists.
-** sort_mode
+** __sort_mode__
 ++ blog posts are naturally sorted by date, but they could be sorted by a variety of other data, such as author, or page hits, etc. @TODO - list a variety of example values here.
-** user
+** __user__ [[user login]
 ++ list blog posts by a particular user. set user to be the login name of the user who's posts you want to list.
-** blog_id
+** __blog_id__
 ++ list blog posts that have been assigned to a particular blog
-** group_id
+** __group_id__
 ++ list blog posts authored by users in a particular group
-** date_start_offset [hours]
+** __date_start_offset__ [[hours]
 ++ lists posts published since the number of hours that has elapsed.
-** status
+** __status__ [[draft]
 ++ currently there is only one option for status: __draft__. When set to draft the module will display a list of the logged in user's draft blog posts.
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