LibertyAttachments is a mechanism for attaching *any* id based mechanism to any LibertyPackage-derived content (wiki, blogs).

The liberty_attachments table is an abstraction to the actual file location. This permits one to use the local file system (liberty_files) or database binary objects (liberty_blobs), tables from other 3rd party application ( like a g_id from [|gallery2] ), or even links to other websites such as [|pbase]. LibertyAttachable extended objects use the public methods to have a "black box" for attaching data, and the actual location is dependent on the attachment plugin.

All functionality is in the LibertyPackage package. There is a LibertyAttachable class that handles all storing and retrieving of attachment data. Currently, there are plugins for Lulu, PBase and uploads via bit_files. Future support (blobs, gallery2, etc.) will depend on community support and developer interest.

Here is a diagram of how the Tables interface (note this diagram was prior to ReleaseOne and the names have changed in ReleaseTwo, however the ideas are largely still the same):

{attachment id=561 size=large href=/storage/users/2/2/images/561/tiki_content.png}

!!Ajax Attachments
Ajax Attachments lets you upload files without refreshing the whole form. When you enabled Enforce Content Status you can even upload files when you are first creating a new content item.

!!!For Developers
!!!!Ajax Attachments Process Trees
These two sketches show the basics of how the various ajax attachment templates are called and what key javascript and form elements they contain that make up the entire process. This is handy for debugging or modifying the code.

__Starting at inclusion of edit_storage.tpl from a content edit form__
If Mime default enabled
Files: mime_default_upload_inc.tpl
Elms: INPUT: upload
Action: LA.uploader( [this:upload], liberty_upload_frame, form_name )
LA.uploaderSetup( upload )
Files: attachment_uploader_inc.tpl
Elms: FRAME: liberty_upload_frame
Action: LA.uploaderComplete( [this:liberty_upload_frame], upload, form_name )

Elms: DIV: edit_storage_list
DIV: edit_storage_list_tab
Action: BA.updater( [this:edit_storage_list_tab] ) (delete)
BA.updater( edit_storage_list ) (get update after delete - not a great place for this)

Else Legacy
Files: storage.bitfile.php
Elms: INPUT: upload
Action: LA.uploader( [this:upload], liberty_upload_frame, form_name )
Files: attachment_uploader_inc.tpl (see above)

edit_storage_list.tpl (see above)

__Starting at the ajax upload handler file__
Files: edit_storage_list.tpl (see above)
edit_storage_list.tpl (tab) (see above)
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