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Things that need to get done

Please add to the list as you see fit. Better yet take on a task! (:biggrin:)

www.bitweaver.Org - Items for main site
  • Add more Categories so more things can be connected.
  • Make Directory feature not fail.

To Do List, most recent first
  • Change "Sea Surfing (CSRF) detected. Operation blocked." for the benefit of innocents who don't know what CSRF is and have accidentallly triggered it. Mention enabling cookies or avoiding multiple windows?
  • Document changes/additions for spidercore.
    • Assigned to spiderr
  • Start setting up SF project as we decide on things.
    • Asigned to btodoroff
  • Decide on mailing list names and get set up with SF. Can someone write a MailingLists page?
    • Complete (btodoroff)
  • Decide on cvs module names and do initial imports. Need bitweaverCVS page.
    • Complete (btodoroff)

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