^NB: the old categories system has been largely replaced with the ((PigeonholesPackage)) and ((ProtectorPackage))^

__General Description__
Categories are a way to classify butweaver objects, including blogs, image galleries, articles, polls, forums, wiki pages, file galleries.

Those with appropriate permissions can define an unlimited, hierarchically organized set of categories which can function like a table of contents for the whole site. Any object can then be added to one or many categories.

Users can then browse by category. Depending on the settings, category listings can be displayed in a side module, above or below the content.

Ideally permissions could be applied to categories so that objects in a certain category can only be seen by designated user groups.'Permissions to Categories" is not currently possible in Bitweaver.

^NB: Categories are only one way to sort content. other means include:
((Structures)) - are similar to and mostly replaced by categories, but still exist as a feature.
((Topics)) - are like categories specific to the ((articles)) feature.
((Modules)) - are the customizable boxes on the left and right of the main content area in tikiwiki, that can hold content that stays the same as users navigate the site.
((Menus)) - are usually placed in modules and are a separate feature from categories. (although you can get categories to display as a menu using plugins)^

-=Key Functioning and sub-features=-

(below is content from doc.tikiwiki.org which should only be used for comparison purposes.)

* Organize categories in a tree hierarchy with unlimited subcategories.
* Assign objects to one or many categories
* Administrators can apply different permissions to different categories.
* Administrators can apply different themes to different categories.
* Deep search into subcategories from the search form

Related Plugins
* PluginCategory - creates a table of contents using categories.
* PluginCatpath - creates a "breadcrumbs" trail
* PluginCatorphans - displays uncategorized pages.

-=Related Pages=-
* ((Categories User)) - explains how to navigate and search categories
* ((Categories Admin)) - how to set up categories, and apply themes and permissions
* ((Categories Details)) - plugins, tweaks and other technical details.
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