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Installation of database information

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Database Connection Information

Information about the database server is needed during installation.

Database type

The type of database to use, such as MySQL.


Hostname or IP for your database, example:
localhost if running in the same machine as tiki
If you use Oracle, insert your TNS Name here
If you use SQLite, insert the path and filename to your database file


Database user


Database password

Database name

The name of the database where tiki will create tables. For MySQL, you can create the database using mysqladmin, or PHPMyAdmin or ask your hosting service to create a MySQL database. Normally Tiki tables won't conflict with other product names.

Database Prefix

This prefix will be prepended to the begining of every table name to allow multiple independent install to share a single database. By ending the prefix with a '.' (period) you can use a schema in systems that support it.

Site Base Url

This is the path from the server root to your tiki location.
i.e. if you access tiki as '' you should enter '/applications/new/'
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