History of UsersPackage

This is a required package used to manage user accounts (store in the users_users database table).

Some Cool Notes:
* bitweaver can act as a master or a slave for user accounts. This means you can easily bolt bitweaver into an existing, proprietary user account system. SingleSignOn is a piece of cake.

Development News:
(:exclaim:) we are currently working creating "TikiPermUser extends TikiUser" class. This will move all groups and permission code into a single class. This also means in the future, it would be possible to have "TikiGallery2User extends TikiUser" if you wanted to use Gallery2Package group and permission tables.
(:exclaim:) we are also making it possible for normal users to create their own groups.

This also means there were some changes SchemaChangelog - unfortunately some overlooked mutable foreign keys.
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30 Jun 2008 (09:29 UTC)
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